I'm an Influencer

I'm a Publisher

Can I really receive free Steam keys?
You can indeed! However, a low coverage ratio may cause publishers to deny your request so make sure you only request keys for game you're interested in. After a publisher accepts your request, your key will show up under "My Keys" in your key dashboard.
Do I need to sign-in through my Steam account?
No, we no longer require creators to sign-in through their Steam account to request keys. We want to respect our content creators privacy as much as possible and felt this should not be a requirement.
Why do I need to tag videos I make for a game?
Our system automatically detects tagged videos made for games on Gamer Hustle. By tagging your video, you allow publishers to see the awesome content you've made for their game.
How do I find the tags for a game?
You can find a game's YouTube tags in your key dashboard in the "My Keys" section. You can also find a game's YouTube tag on their page. For Twitch, make sure to select the game when you start your Stream.
How do I sell games?
After you request a game's store link, we will send you a unique link that you can add to your videos description. You will earn 10% of all sales originating from that link. You also really help publishers by adding a way for your viewers to purchase the game.
How am I paid?
In order to receive store links, you need to add a PayPal email to your account. At the end of each month, we transfer you your total monthly earnings.
Are there any payout minimums?
There are no payout minimums. You will receive your sales income at the end of each month, regardless of the amount.
Is Gamer Hustle really free?
Absolutely! Every feature you can use on our site is completely free, we only make money when you sell games.
How do I claim my game?
After signing up, click on "My Games" and enter your game's information. We will review your request to ensure you are the developer and or publisher and add the game to your account upon approval. Claiming your game usually takes less than 5 minutes.
Do you only support Steam games?
For our key distribution and store features, yes. We do plan on supporting additional platforms in the future. Games or brands outside of Steam can make great use of our campaign and sponsorship features however.
How do creators sell my game?
After adding your game to our store, creators can request a store link to sell your game from their coverage. After you accept a store link request, we create a unique affiliate link for the creator that is directed to your game on our store. Creators are paid 10% for each game they sell. We track all game sales by each creator and report the sales data in your game dashboard.
How do I add my game on the store?
Simply go to your games dashboard, then settings, and fill out the necessary information. You will need to add store keys and a valid Stripe account.
How am I paid?
We support both Stripe connect and PayPal to distribute payments. With Stripe, we route each game sale automatically to your connected Stripe account balance. Stripe Connect allows you to review all customer, payment, and financial reporting documents in your own Stripe dashboard. With PayPal, we will payout your total monthly sales at the end of each month. We also handle VAT and sales tax so you simply receive payment without any hassle.
How much of each game sale do I keep?
You keep 80% of each game sale by an affiliate after minor processing fees. You keep 85% of each game sold without an affiliate. We handle VAT and sales tax so you simply receive payment without any hassle.
Are there any payout minimums?
There are no payout minimums. If you choose Stripe as your preferred payout platform, you will receive your revenue automatically after each game sale. Stripe allows you to transfer your account balance to your bank account after 2-6 days. If you choose PayPal as your preferred payout platform, we will send you your total monthly game sales at the end of each month.
Do I have to add my game to the store?
Absolutely not! You can use our seamless key distribution features without having to add your game to the store.