Gamer Hustle Key Dashboard Example on Mobile
Everything You Need to Get Your Game In Front of Millions
Sign-up, claim your game, add it to our store, and gaming influencers on YouTube and Twitch will start selling your Steam game.
Gamer Hustle Key Dashboard Example

How it works

Seamless Key Distribution
Toggle settings for minimum subscribers required to request a key. Review influencers profiles with graphs of their channels key statistics, games they play, past coverage, and more so you never have to waste time going to multiple sites.
Sell Games Directly Through Influencers
Add your game to our store and influencers can sell your game in their coverage. You keep 80% of each sale compared to 70% on Steam.
Coverage Analytics, On And Off Our Site
Analyze your games entire YouTube & Twitch daily views, engagement, and coverage from creators on and off our site.
Easily Create Presskits
Build out a presskit for your game in our sleek editor. See how it looks live and then download the presskit file and integrate into your site in minutes. No directory downloads, installations, or php.
Check out an example of a presskit made on our site: Rescue Love Revenge Presskit
Promote Your Game
Publish details for videos you'd like made to promote your Kickstarter, new game launch, or anything else. Gaming content creators will respond to your post. Compare past coverage, content style, and message them directly.