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The Top Indie Gaming Sites

2018 was an interesting year for gaming to say the least. With a barrage of announcements tossed from various platforms (Steam this, Epic that), ricocheting off major gaming sites, and bouncing through the halls of Twitter, it’s hard to parse through the noise to find the latest indie gaming scoop.

Have no fear! We’re here to help with a quick list of our favorite indie gaming sites for news, reviews, and community.

Razors Edge

Razors Edge, ran by Jim Kesselring, is a non-profit platform for indie developers to interact with content creators and press for media coverage. The best way to describe the folks at Razors Edge is they are the good guys in gaming. They give just about everyone who is doing something productive for the community a shout out. When I say everyone, I mean it in the literal sense. Check out Razors Edge Twitter as well as DannyDSC- The Indie Seeker and tell me I’m wrong.

On their website, you can find a wide array of game reviews, creator coverage, and indie games making posts for their upcoming launch.
Also, stop by their comprehensive Steam curator page to see more of their reviews.


The motto “We’re not letting any great indie game go unnoticed! Not on our watch!” the team at IndieWatch uses to describe their site is an understatement (and punny). On IndieWatch, you can find reviews, art, music, dev tutorials (marketing, programming, design, etc), and a whole lot more. They also have new community features to bridge the gap between devs and fans. This is truly a one-stop shop for all things indie.

Additional Links:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

  • Indie Gamer Chick

    We aren’t going to hide our bias here, I’m not sure that we could if we tried. Indie Gamer Chick, created & ran by you’ve guessed it, Indie Gamer Chick, is a one of a kind indie game review site. Since forming in July 1, 2011, Indie Gamer Chick has typed up a whopping 618 game reviews and countless other editorials. We dare you to try and scroll to the bottom of her home page. Here’s a hint, it’s not going to happen!

    Why we love Indie Gamer Chick has nothing to do with the crazy number of reviews she’s released (that only feeds our addictiction). We are fans because she delivers an unreserved and unapologetic style, on top of an intimidating amount of game knowledge, that can’t be duplicated. We feel at home reading her reviews because she approaches them from the perspective of an average gamer and then injects them with a steady stream of supplemental context and history.

    Indie Gamer Chick not only loves reviewing indie games but loves to help them as well. Her #IndieSelect and #DiscoveringIndies initiatives have helped promote hundreds of undercovered indies. Also, if you missed out on #IndieXmas2018… we feel sorry for you.

    Developed by Leaf Corcoran, is a website for users to host, sell and download indie games. If you’re into weird and interesting games, Itch is the place for you. As sole-founder, Leaf has worked tirelessly since launching the marketplace in 2013. Despite all of this work, Itch allows developers to choose the percentage they wish to pay back to for hosting their game. He does this purely out of the passion he holds for indie games.

    There are literally tens of thousands of games for sale on the site and it’s easy to get lost from all of the beautiful pixel art.

    CFN Gaming

    CFN Gaming, created by Edward Castor, is an incredibly engaged multi-platform community for indie gaming. In January of 2017, Eddie created a Discord server where game developers and content creators could interact named CFN Gaming. CFN has since blossomed into a partnered Discord server with several hundred game devs, streamers, and press.

    In 2018, PlayingIndies was created as a separate project to premiere youtube videos that are exclusively dedicated to game developer interviews. There, you can find interviews with the developers of 30 Minutes to Extinction, The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy, and many others.

    CFN hosts a variety of game jams and events as well. The best way to follow announcements is on their Discord server.

    Additional Links:

  • Twitter
  • CFN Gaming

  • IndieDB

    IndieDB is a platform for indie game devs to showcase their games, chronicle development progress with awesome dev logs, and connect with their fans.

    Getting necessary information out into the public realm before your game’s launch is a time consuming affair. IndieDB simplifies this whole process by giving developers a space to detail their game’s summary, add articles, upload files, link videos, and more. Fans can also seamlessly receive all news, updates, and announcements for the games they follow in one centralized location. Making a page for your game on IndieDB is a must ahead of launch.