How to Integrate your Presskit on your Wordpress Website

1.) Download your Presskit

After completing your presskit, see how it looks in live mode by clicking "View Presskit" in presskit editor.
If you like how your presskit looks, download the presskit file of your presskit by clicking "Download Presskit" in the live mode page.

2.) Add the file to your websites child theme file directory

The presskit file will automatically be downloaded. You will now need to open up your wordpress website's C-Panel file directory or use FTP to add the presskit file to your child theme's folder. The most common filepath for a typical wordpress website child theme will be: public_html/wp-content/themes/{your child themes name here}/ .

3.) Create a wordpress page and update the page template to "my_gh_presskit"

After the single file has been added to your wordpress websites child theme directory, open up your websites wp-admin dashboard and add a new page. Note: This example image is for wordpress 5.0.
Once the new page has been created, on the right hand side under "Documents" scroll down to "Page Attributes". Under "Template" change the selection from "Default template" to "my_gh_presskit" and then update the page. Your presskit has now been integrated succesfully and you can view the presskit on your website!